Customer                      Velux

Duration                       03.2021 -ongoing

Industry                        Manufacturing

Project Description:    Rollout  Lead to Cash Process with C4C and Marketing Cloud

Function:                       PM, Solution Architect SAP HANA Cloud

Tasks/ Results:             We are rolling out a SAP C4C Template within Europe. My responsibility is to manage the rollout by adapting the processes to the markets and ensuring the enablement of the markets to be onboarded on time.


Customer                      Otto Bihler

Duration                        05.2020 -12.2020

Industry                        Manufacturing

Project Description:    Implementation Lead to Cash Process with Sales and Marketing Cloud

Function:                      Solution Architect SAP HANA Cloud

Tasks/ Results:             Sales Cloud Campaigns, Reporting, Dashboards, Sales planning with Opportunities to start with…


Customer                      Lagardère Sports

Duration                       07.2019 – 05.2020

Industry                        Sports Marketing

Project Description:      Implementation of the  LOQ Process with Sales and Marketing Cloud

Function:                      Solution Architect SAP HANA Cloud

Tasks/ Results:             Implementation of Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. B2B Process: Lead to cash. Configuration and design of Sales Funnel Reporting. Lead generation and tracking from Marketing Cloud, newsletter campaigns, scoring. Lead, Opportunity, Quote and Contracts with integration into S/4 HANA. Configuration of Authorizations, territory management and Sales Units. I could benefit here from my combined knowledge of Cloud technology and Reporting Skills doing the 3th implementation of Marketing and Sales Cloud.


Customer                      Greenpeace Energy

Duration                       05.2019 – ongoing

Industry                        Utilities

Project Description:      Automization of the Sales Process in Cursor EVI and Soptim Sales

Function:                      SCRUM Master und Solution consulting Architect Utilities

Tasks/ Results:             The goal of this Project is to build an integrated sales process within the involved the entire systems by enhancing the data structures, building new Web Services and optimizing the sales processes to achieve a much faster maintenance time for creating quotes and contracts in the area of corporate clients with many locations.  For this, a new workflow is being  built between the systems to create quotes and contracts and a following sales reporting on top. In this project my role is to consult between business and development and to drive the local development team as well as other software distributers and consultants.     For achieving this goal, a deep dive into the utilities Processes was necessary in order to understand the attributes of a complex price calculation. Also this was my first Project as a scrum master, where I Introduced Agile methods and tools like Bugzilla /Kanban to manage the Project which helped the customer to clearly plan and monitor the progress. One other mayor task is to help the product owner to mature the requirements to enable prioritization and estimation before putting them into the backlog.



Customer                      STILL GmbH

Duration                       05.2019 – 08.2019

Industry                        Manufacturing

Project Description:   SAP S/4 HANA

Function:                     Data Architect for Sales, Service und Logistic processes (SD, CS, MM, FI, CRM, CO, HR)

Tasks/ Results:          Preparatory tasks for an upcoming HANA upgrade. Fit to Standard analysis as part of an international S / 4 Hana migration. Mobile systems as well as the ERP backend and CRM are to be replaced by S / 4 HANA and sales force in the future. For this, all master and transactional data were analyzed. In particular, the data flows were documented as part of the processes relating to the service / spare parts business as well as the sale and rental of new vehicles and in the form of flow diagrams. A Documentation Role, which especially needed a deep understanding of integrative processes throughout all modules to solve the task.



Customer                      DSB, Copenhagen

Duration                       10.2018 – 04.2019

Industry                        Transportation/ Railway

Project Description:      SAP Hybris Marketing / CRM Loyalty

Function:                      Solution Architect, C/4 Hana  Solutions / Hybris Marketing, CRM on premise

Tasks/ Results:             Member of loyalty Scrum Team working with SAFE Methodology.  Responsible driver for the Loyalty Solution.  Design and decision preparation for the target landscape.  Maturing of business requirements into assessable sprint work packages among other things: Loyalty Membership in CRM. Digital membership card, digital Coupon shop and coupon handling. Integration of Website und App. Interfacing additional Cloud Applications for Coupon Shop and coupon validation. Proof of Concept for Coupon/ Offer distributing from Hybris Marketing. Integration of Financial flow with FI S/4 Hana.



Customer                    Koelnmesse

Duration                     12.2017 – 08.2018

Industry                       Fair

Project Description:    SAP C4C & Hybris Marketing Implementation

Function:                     Project Manager Sales, C4C/ Hybris Marketing Consultant

Tasks/ Results:            Responsible PM Sales for the Work Packages: Activity-,  Lead – and Opportunity Management, Cross Selling in C4C. Conception and Implementation of the Sales Funnel with Customer Interest involving HCI for Customer attributes. Implementation of automatic Segmentation and Lead Generation in Hybris Marketing. Deriving of Scores with Predictive Analytics. Implementation of Hybris Budget Planning with ERP Integration into Project System. Planning of Work packages and optimizing Project Management with JIRA und Kanban.  



Customer                     Vorwerk

Duration                     03.2017 – 11.2017

Industry                       Consumer Goods / High Tech

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.04 Fiori Frontend Rollout, Hybris Marketing

Function:                     CRM/ BI Architect / CRM Consultant

Tasks/ Results:            Responsible for International Migration Strategy and BI Reporting. Analyze and business blueprinting for CRM Sales Processes around sales and marketing for a rollout template. Defining functional and data migration and rollout strategies for over 40.000 Users. Reporting Concept for Sales controlling on Mobile Device. Particularly the complexity of Applications and the high number of Users to Migrate made this task a challenging one.



Customer                      Adidas

Duration                     11.2016- 03.2017

Industry                       Consumer Goods

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.04 WEB UI und CIC

Function:                     Project Manager, CRM

Tasks/ Results:            Project Management for Customer Segmentation Database. Steering and Coordination of suppliers. Budget responsibility 250.000 €. Business Requirement analyze and Technical Solution for SAP CRM and BI. Release Management for Retail Process: Complaint/ Retour. Customer Migration from Non SAP Systems into SAP ECC and CRM. High Individualization and a huge number of custom development challenged my architectural skills here.



Customer                      OSRAM

Duration                     06.2016- 10.2016

Industry                       Consumer Goods/ High Tech

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.04

Function:                     Technical Consultant, CRM

Tasks/ Results:            Setting up Second Level Support in Oversee and Management of Support Team. Deliverables: Customer Handbook and Support Guide for all Scenarios and Developments;   Sales and Service processes in a complex CRM Environment including WEB UI, CIC, WEB Shop, Self-Services and ERP integration. Incident Management for Marketing, Opportunity Management, Activity management, Global Shared Services, ERMS for CIC, Middleware and Authorizations.



Customer                     Eisenmann

Duration                     03.2015- 06.2016

Industry                       Automotive

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.04

Function:                     Technical Consultant, CRM

Tasks/ Results:            Ongoing Project Support for Sales Opportunity and Activities Customizing, Debugging and development Support. Modifications on WEB UI. Marketing Module Segmentation and Campaign Customizing for Newsletter. Middleware Administration. ECC Integration to SD and Sales Process. Authorizations customizing. Process Consulting towards the Customer.



Customer                      Volkswagen Financial Services

Duration                     08.2014-01.2015

Industry                       Bank

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.02/ BI 7.0

Function:                     Functional Consultant, BI, CRM

Tasks/ Results:            Responsible for IT Change Management for all International Markets.  Focus on: Retention and Customer loyalty, Campaign Planning, Execution and Reporting. External List Management, TREX High Volume Segmentation and Campaign automation. SAP BI Query design for BI Reporting of Performance KPI´s for Leasing and financing

Customer                     Coca Cola

Duration                     11.2013- 07.2014

Industry                       Consumer goods

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.02/ECC SD,  IC Webclient Lean Order

Function:                     Functional Consultant, Support

Tasks/ Results:            Analysis and Debugging of Development Bugs with Web UI Call center. Technical Specification for  Changes and Coordination  of the  Offshore Development Teams. Lead  Technical Support Role for the German Callcenter. Technologie: R/3 Integration, Sales, Lean Order, Middleware, Calllists, Workflow und Surveys.



Customer                      Danfoss

Duration                     05.2013 – 11.2013

Industry                       High Tech

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.02/ECC  Service and Logistic Integration

Function:                     Application Consultant, Business Architect, Customizer

Tasks/ Results:            Conception/ Design  of  Service Scenarios like Field Service and In-house Repair integrating a 3-System Landscape with 2 ERP and 1 CRM System. Logistics-, CO-, und Billing integration into ECC. Creation of technical Specifications for development and Customizing. Coordination Offshore Developer Team. International English speaking Project.



Customer                      Block House

Duration                     01.2013-05.2013

Industry                       Food

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.02, BI 7.0

Function:                     Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Customizer

Tasks/ Results:            Customizing MS Word Integration with CRM One-Order for Mail Output. BI Customizing: Extraction Activity Data from CRM. Customizing Cube and Loading



Customer                      Stroeer Außenwerbung

Duration                     07.2012 – 12.2012

Industry                       Media

Project Description:    SAP CRM 7.02/ERP  Sales und Service, Logistic Integration

Function:                     Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Customizer

Tasks/ Results:            Functional Conception of functions for Disposition of Media Spaces with CRM Service, Contracts, Service Orders, Service Quotations and billing , IBASE Configuration, Workflow, WEB UI.


Customer  bonprix
Duration 01.2012  – 05.2012
Industry Consumer
Project Description SAP CRM 7.02/ERP  Sales, Logistic Integration
Function          Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Customizer
Tasks/ Results Conception and piloting of the retail Processes used in e-Commerce and Call Center. Migration from the old Sales systems to a SAP CRM/ ERP Landscape. The Scope included Business Partner Credit Checks, loyalty Programs (Member Card and Points), Discount Campaigns, Workflows, Delivery and Retours,
Tools CRM 7.02 /ERP Service Management, FSO, IObjects, Visittour

Customer  Bosch Siemens Haushaltsgeräte
Duration  08.2011  – 12.2011
Industry High Tech
Project Description SAP CRM 7.0/ERP  Service Processes
Function          Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Customizer
Tasks/ Results Functional Conception for a Service Template in a worldwide Rollout. CRM CIC, WEB UI, Service Orders, Logistic Integration to ERP, Resource Planning, Tour Planning, Material Order, ATP Check, Reporting, Status Management  
Tools CRM 7.01 /ERP Service Management, FSO, IObjects, Visittour

Customer  OTTO
Duration  07.2011 – 08.2011  
Industry Consumer goods
Project Description SAP CRM 7.01
Function          Trainer
Tasks/ Results Training CR 100 CRM Overview, Customizng  
Tools CRM 7.0 Customizing, Master Data, Middleware, Basic Customizing, Orders

Customer  pepsico
Duration 02.2010-07.20011
Industry Consumer Products
Project Description SAP CRM 7.01 Mobile Sales
Function Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Support Consultant
Tasks/ Results Implementation Mobile Sales and WEB UI for Consumer. 40 User. Support and Development Coordination, System Change Management, Debugging, ,Middleware Administration, Analyse and Customizing new Functions . Mobile Sales User Support.  
Tools CRM 7.01 Customizing,  Migration, ERP Master data Exchange Organisation Management,  Activity Management, Journals, TPM creation for Instore Displays including Products and customer Segmentation  , Campaigns, Customizing.  WEB UI, Mobile Sales Installations und Administration.

Customer  MB-Tech (Mercedes Benz Technology)
Duration 05.2009-02.2010
Industry Automotive
Project Description SAP CRM 7.0 Sales
Function          Project Manager, Application Consultant, Business Analyst
Tasks/ Results Analyse, Conception, Customizing and Project Management. Responsible for CRM System. Duties: Migration from 4.0 to 7.0 and implementing of new Functions. Optimizing of the Sales Processes. Integration into ERP System and building of Integrates Process from Opportunities to Quotation. (Lead to cash). Customizing the WEB UI Roles, Navigation and Views ti Customer needs. Middleware Administration  
Tools CRM 7.0 Customizing,  Migration, Master data exchange to ERP HR-Integration  Organisations Management,  Lead management, Sales Pipeline, WEB UI Configuration. Integration of third Party Duplet Tool.  Process optimization with  Lean Management.

Customer Volkswagen
Duration 08/2005-03/2009
Industry Automotive
Project Description SAP CRM 4.0, 5.0 Sales and Service, BW 3.5
Function     Project Manager, Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Super User
Tasks/ Results Analyze Conception and Project Management. Responsible for the CRM Areas: Lead Management, Campaign Management, After Sales Process and BI Reporting. Planning (Blueprinting) and implementation of different Automotive process optimizations. Optimization of Lead generation and classification. Reporting of Complaint Data for research and development. Reporting of Callcenter activities for steering. High Integrated Processes. Cooperation with Audi.  
Tools CRM 5.0 Customizing   Lead Management, Campaign Management, Segment Builder, CIC, Interactive Forms, CTI, Workflow, Classification. BW 3.5, BEx Analyzer und  Web Designer, Dataflow from CTI to BI, Data extraction from Genesys CTI and CRM, Integration into BI. Planning of Multi Cubes und Dataflow. Visio Process Design  

Customer Telekom Immobilien
Duration 01/2005- 07/2005
Industry Real Estate
Project Description SAP CRM 4.0 Service
Function     Application Consultant CRM
Tasks/ Results Analyse Conception and Implementation of CIC Functions. SAP WIN GU I CIC and PC UI Applications. Integration of SAP R/3 Functions into CIC

Customer Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller
Duration 01/2004-12/2004
Industry Consumer products
Project Description SAP CRM 4.0 Mobile Sales, Pilot for CP Add on CRM 5.0
Function     Project Management/ Application Consultant CRM
Customer Dura
Duration 2 Months 11/2003 -12/2003
Industry Automotive Supplier
Project Description SAP R/3 Archive Link/ IXOS eContext
Function     Application Consultant ERP Archiving
Tasks/ Results Conception and Implementation. Customizing of Archiving Scenarios: Outgoing Documents, Print Files, late Archiving with  Barcode and Workflow  

Customer Bosch Thermotechnik
Duration 09/2003 -10/2003
Industry Manufacturing
Project Description CRM 3.0 CIC Service Management
Function     Application Consultant CRM
Tasks/ Results Conception and Implementation of CIC Functions. Customizing CIC (Activities and User Interface), Actions, Interface to 3th Party Mobile Applications, Maintenance Contracts, Service management, Opportunities, Reclamation, Invoicing, Co and Catt Integration.

Customer HO2 Consulting
Duration 07/2003
Industry Consulting
Project Description Installation of Demosystem SAP BW 3.0b
Function     Application Consultant CRM Basis
Tasks/ Results Installation and customizing of BW 3.0b Systems for presales and Education.

Customer Stange Consulting
Duration 03/2003-04/2003
Industry Rehabilitation/ hospital
Project Description Analyse/ CRM market study. Excel
Function     Business Analyst
Tasks/ Results The focus was the reorganization of the  Reha treatment offered in a Reha centre. A market research was made to view the cases of Reha treatment paid by the insurances according to the type of sickness, region and type of insurance.

Customer GFT-AG
Duration 09/2002-01/2003
Industry Pharma, Utilities
Project Description Presales CRM
Function          Presales consultant, Application Consultant CRM
Tasks/ Results Presales with Mobile Computing and SAP Portals. Presentation of Mobile scenarios with handhelds and laptops. Synchronisation of mobile data with CRM or Portals.

Customer BBRAUN, Mellsungen
Duration 06/2002–11/2002
Industry Pharma
Project Description SAP Portals 5.0, DVS, Product Catalogue, Workflow
Function Project Management, Business Analyst,  Application Consultant
Tasks/ Results Installation and configuration of SAP Portals 5.0 with Knowledge Management, connection to R/3, PLM. Process definition, IVIEW- conception and design of the navigation concept of planed transactions. Data integration to Oracle.  Customizing Portal roles and single sign on. The product catalogue was brought to the Portal by using I T S and Internet Sales Functionality from CRM 3.0.

Customer GFT AG, Hamburg
Duration 03/2002–08/2002
Industry IT
Project Description Realization of  SAP CRM 3.1 demo System
Function Projectmanager, CRM, Application Consultant CRM, BI Basis
Tasks/ Results Installation of SAP R/3 IDES-System. Customizing and connection of the IDES-Systems to CRM. Master data replication. Customizing Scenarios: Mobile-Sales and CRM-Online, ISS and CIC. SAP connect Phone, SMS) Connecting of CRM-System and SAP-Portals 5.0 with ITS and Mini Apps. Connection of WAS and SAP Portals. Defining and customizing presales scenarios: Business partners, activities, opportunities, marketing & campaign management, contracts and orders.

Customer SAP, Walldorf
Duration 04/2002-05/2002
Industry IT
Project Description Testing SAP ISU-Waste 4.6.4
Function Application Consultant
Tasks/ Results Testing the new functions of IS-U Waste Supporting the customizing of the Action box and master data generator.

Customer SKP, Hamburg
Duration 09/2001 –04/2002
Industry Waste Management
Project Description SAP R/3 Pilot project IS-U Waste management Rel.: 4.6.4
Function Application Consultant CRM, Project Management
Tasks/ Results Conception, harmonization of processes, Fit-Gap analyse, implementation of IS-U-WASTE, customizing IS-U 4.6.4 and CIC, user training  

Customer DocMan, Hamburg
Duration 08/2001 – 10/2001
Industry Software, Archive Systems
Project Description SAP R/3 Online Store Project Rel.: 4.6
Function Application Consultant SD, Project Management.
Tasks/ Results Conception and realization of an Online Store with main focus on pricing and customizing SAP R/3 SD, ITS.

Customer Bertelsmann/ Arxes, Aachen
Duration 05/2001 – 07/2001
Industry Publishing House
Project Description SAP R/3 Internet Sales Project Rel.: CRM 2.0, R/3 4.6c
Function Application Consultant CRM/ SD
Tasks/ Results Realization of Internet Sales. Customizing SAP R/3 SD and IPC. Replication of master data. Automatic creation of the product catalogue. Replication of price tables.

Customer Itelligence AG
Duration  09/2000– 05/2001
Industry IT
Project Description Installation und Servicing of CRM Demo systems Version 2.0
Function Application Consultant CRM / Project Management
Tasks/ Results Installation and service of internal demo-systems, especially: Mobile Sales, Mobile Service und Middleware administration. Defining and customizing presales scenarios. Planning of productive system for Itelligence AG. Defining of processes and used replication data. Writing functional specs for business partners, activities, opportunities, marketing & campaign management. Training of sales reps.

Customer Yxlon, Hamburg, Akron/ USA
Duration 03/2000 –  09/2000
Industry X-Ray manufacturing
Project Description SAP R/3 Project FI/CO/SD/CS/MM/PP/PS Rel.: 4.6 C
Function Application Consultant CS
Tasks/ Results Conception and implementation of SAP R/3 CS (Service) with international rollout (US). Project in Hamburg and Ohio. Harmonization of processes. Repair order, workforce scheduling and invoicing.

Customer Hauni, Hamburg
Duration 01/2000 – 05/2000
Industry Tobacco industry
Project Description CRM 1.0 Prototype Mobile Sales version 1.0
Function Application Consultant CRM
Tasks/ Results Developing of a Mobile Sales prototype. Customer data, orders. Material and knowledge base replication from R/3 and Mobile Sales. Order and quoting using Mobile Configuration and Internet Pricing Engine. Activity management and opportunities.

Customer Schrage, Wilhelmshaven
Duration 04/2000 – 06/2000
Industry Manufacturing of conveyor belts
Project Description Implementation of variant configuration
Function Application Consultant SD
Tasks/ Results Conception und realization of SAP R/3 variant configuration for sales orders.

Customer Thyssen Krupp AG / Elevators, Hamburg
Duration 11/1999 – 04/2000
Industry Elevators
Project Description Business process analyze and optimization, training
Function Application Consultant SD, Business Analyst
Tasks/ Results Analyse of the entire organization und optimization of integrated SAP R/3- processes especially with focus on SD, CS, MM and CO. Harmonising of business processes for all german offices. Training of key users.

Customer Basler AG, Ahrensburg
Duration 03/1999 – 11/1999
Industry Industrial camera- and quality device manufacturer
Project Description SAP R/3 Project FI/CO/SD/MM/PP/QM/HR Rel.: 4.5
Function Application Consultant SD  
Tasks/ Results Conception and realization of SAP R/3 SD and adjustment of variant configuration. Pricing and logistic execution. Training of key users.

Customer Sieb & Meier, Lüneburg
Duration 10/1998 – 04/1999
Industry High tech company, computer main boards
Project Description SAP R/3 Project FI/CO/SD/MM/PP Rel.: 4.0
Function Application Consultant SD/ CRM, Business Analyst
Tasks/ Results ROI analyse to CRM for a high tech company (diploma). Analysing functional specs. Implementation of SAP R/3 SD with VIS and activity management.